The African Regional CrossFit Qualifiers are over and the results are in.

It was an exceptional day, all the competitors, spectators and judges were top notch.

The African Regional Qualifier saw 26 competitors face 3 brutal workouts and the competition was fierce. Competitors from all over South Africa joined in and the extremely well prepared athletes gave performances that made all us CrossFitters proud!! The sportsmanship on display also deserves mentioning!

Congratulations to all the competitors for their effort! Thanks too to Ballistix Fitness from Pretoria and FightFit in Rivonia for their participation. Please check out their websites for details: and

CrossFit Rebel S.A will be sending the following 2 elite athletes to represent our region at the 2009 CrossFit Games in Aromas, California – USA in July.

The Qualifying Man is:

Danie du Preez – CrossFit Rebel South Africa

The Qualifying Lady is:

Tia Mcdougal – CrossFit Rebel South Africa


CrossFit Rebel S.A – Regional Qualifying Games Results
  Name Surname WO 1 WO 2 WO 3 Total Time Comments
1 Danie du Preez 17:51:00 15:28:00 23:11:00 56:30:00  
2 Jason Smith 26:09:00 18:00:00 23:15:00 67:24:00  
3 Neil Scholtz 27:20:00 20:09:00 23:25:00 70:54:00  
4 Richard Smith 37:50:00 21:07:00 22:20:00 81:17:00  
5 Roland Junguirth 34:17:00 24:26:00 27:03:00 85:46:00  
6 Peter  Irvin 38:57:00 24:23:00 24:35:00 87:55:00  
7 Grant  Reed 43:20:00 25:00:00 26:06:00 94:26:00  
8 Rob  Scott 42:30:00 21:03:00 31:05:00 94:38:00  
9 Richard Quan 45:00:00 19:58:00 23:45:00 88:43:00 R1 – incomplete
13 Adham  Stoltz 39:11:00 25:00:00 33:15:00 97:26:00 R2 – incomplete 
10 Pierre  Fereirra 36:49:00 22:50:00 22:57:00 82:36:00 Scaled
11 Chris Jones 39:12:00 22:51:00 25:41:00 87:44:00 Scaled
12 Craig Krummeck 36:57:00 24:40:00 25:13:00 86:50:00 Scaled
14 Mark  Lubbe WITHDRAWN 0:00:00  
15 Norman Wessels WITHDRAWN 0:00:00  
16 Ricardo Adamo WITHDRAWN 0:00:00  
1 Tia Mcdougal 24:48:00 25:05:00 27:05:00 76:58:00  
2 Norma  Weeber 31:37:00 26:00:00 25:20:00 82:57:00  
3 Claudine Johnson 30:07:00 27:14:00 27:48:00 85:09:00


1 Jannus du Preez 27:07:00 22:07:00 24:04:00 73:18:00  
2 Derick Gilroy 32:10:00 25:00:00 35:54:00 93:04:00  
3 John Haraulumbous 45:00:00 25:09:00 35:32:00 105:41:00  
1 Shaleen Olivier 28:06:00 30:00:00 DNF 58:06:00  
2 Bern Jones 19:47:00 25:26:00 32:44:00 77:57:00  
3 Sam Mcdonald 21:41:00 26:04:00 32:17:00 80:02:00  

CrossFit Rebel S.A


8 Responses to “Qualifying Results”

  1. 1 Roland Jungwirth 18/05/2009 at 2:18 PM

    My body still hurts 😦 It was great meeting all of you and competing hard. So many new things to improve on! All the best for the Games Tia and Danie (incredible work capacity!)!

  2. 2 Gavin 18/05/2009 at 6:49 PM


    It was a pleasure meeting you! Well done and look forward to seeing you in Cape Town some time.

  3. 3 Sarah 19/05/2009 at 11:50 PM

    You all looked amazing and worked SO hard! I was able to attend the mid west regionals in Ohio and took my 2 sons with me. They were impressed. Can I ask the ages of the women? I too workout using the Crossfit method and hvae been told I should give it a try but I am 42!

    Any answers?

  4. 5 Sam McDonald 20/05/2009 at 11:05 AM

    Must be honest could barely walk on the Sunday – as long as I didn’t have to go up and down stairs I could get around. Thanks Danie for the nice training on Monday morning – managed to get through that although I felt as though my legs weren’t mine. I am only starting to feel as though my legs will hold me up today!! I can’t believe the abilities of everyone that participated!

    Well done Gavin for such a great day and for all the work that you put into it! I must admit suprise number 3 wasn’t very nice (heard that this was your idea) – next time I hope that you are going to be participating!!

    Sarah – age doesn’t matter it’s what your mind tells you what you can do! So go for it!

    Good luck Danie and Tia – wish you guys all of the best!!!

  5. 6 Tia McDougall 20/05/2009 at 11:30 AM

    Hi Sarah, our ages vary both in the top three and in our classes daily. From I think 12 right up to women who are in their 50’s

    Sam is right its all the mind and I think you will suprise yourself. Try it 🙂

  6. 7 Charmain 20/05/2009 at 11:59 AM

    Hi Sarah, as long as you can breath you can do CrossFit, I agree with Roland, your age is just a number, if your mind is strong, the body will follow. Just be careful, CrossFit is extremely addictive:)

  7. 8 Claudine 20/05/2009 at 2:16 PM

    Well done to everyone for participating and a very well done to the winners…….. 🙂

    Age is just a number, as Charmain says as long as you have a strong mind and committed than you can do anything…..well I believe that too. So good luck and you wont know unless you try.

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